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Shetan Noir

Apocalypse Theatre
Detroit, Michigan

Shetan Noir is a Michigan based Author and paranormal travel Journalist.
She also teaches courses on the paranormal history of the great lakes at community colleges.
Shetan has written several books on cryptozoology and is working on more upcoming book projects. Her current book is The marvelous misadventures of teagun gray (Teagun gray meets bigfoot)
Shetan has also written
Mothman and other flying creatures of the midwest.
In 2018, she wrote Lake monsters and odd creatures of the great lakes.
She is head writer for Squatch GQ magazine, Squatch Digest magazine and G-Hunter magazine. Shetan is a contributing writer to Supernatural magazine.
She now specializes in paranormal travel destinations and legend trip investigations.

Shetan Noir is a cryptozoology researcher and has spent 25 years researching the Paranormal and Cryptozoology fields. Her fascination began with lake monsters at an early age when she first learned about the Loch Ness monster, then hearing reports of lake monsters in her own state of Michigan. Her research has since grown to include Michigan's own Dogman and Nain Rouge, Bigfoot and ghost hunting.

Shetan Noir is currently the lead investigator for the Michigan chapter of the North American Dogman Project, and also runs the paranormal investigation team of Michigan center for unexplained events and phenomenon.
She is available to do book signings for her two current books, Lake monsters and odd of the great lakes and Mothman and flying creatures of the midwest.

Shetan is also a workshop presenter, Hoodoo and Folk Magic practitioner. She teaches all over the Untied States. She is a founding member of The Great Lakes Witches Council. She is a member of the Ravenwood Coven and several Belly dance troupes.

Shetan has written Two Pagan spell books, Sticks and Stones and The other side of the Coin.