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Carol Flynt

Greater Ann Arbor area
Lit Crit major and speaker of 4 languages, I have had grammar classes up the wazoo.With three short story sales (and two anthologies self-published) I have reached the point where writing flows more often and I am understanding how the craft works a bit more. Still get an epiphany on the craft with each writing session, still have so much to learn! Talk to me about my stories, where do you sit on the trad/self publishing spectrum, how do you use social networks, what you write, what you read, what you'd like to read that no one seems to be writing. Talk about good places to eat, funny stories--basically about yourself. I'll trade.

My Presenters Sessions

Friday, April 24

6:00pm EDT

Saturday, April 25

11:00am EDT

3:00pm EDT

Sunday, April 26

12:00pm EDT